Stories From the Camp

I decided to do the camp thing this month. My heart was in it. My head wasn’t. So far, I have 1,003 words written and only 6 more days to finish. My goal is set at 10,000, so I can still reach it. I still don’t have to write as many words per day as I would have had to if I had been doing the 50,000 words, like we do in November.

I also got the urge to learn the violin. I had tried a year or so ago, but never was able to practice, so I gave up. Of course, the urge would hit me while I was trying to do Camp Nano. I decided to make the best of the urge and start learning the violin and blog about it at the same time.

Camp Nano isn’t just about writing novels. This month is for doing whatever you want, as long as it’s writing. This is the one month I could engage in a passion and marry it to another goal I had for the same time frame. The blog would help me get through the frustrations of learning an instrument on my own, and taking up the violin would be the impetus I needed to get to writing this month. It was a win-win situation.

Of course, it is never as easy as that. The more I tried to learn the violin, the more my Facebook games called me. The more they called me, the less time I spent on the violin, so the less I had to write about. It went from a win-win situation to a no-win situation.

There was only one thing to do. I had to quit Facebook games cold turkey. I couldn’t leave Facebook itself, because that was how I kept in touch with many of my friends. How would I get by without getting my daily dose of my oldest goddaughter’s baby? Besides, that is how most of my writing groups keep in touch.

The problem now becomes how to get on Facebook long enough to check on what I need to without being sucked in for hours at a time. My profile pic stares out at me with the words “you should be writing.” Okay. I will, just as soon as I check this one thing. It should only take five minutes. Oh, my. Where did the time go? That can’t be right. I can’t have been on Facebook for an hour-and-a-half.

So, now I am trying to get through the frustration by writing this blog about my nanoing. Why, of course I am counting these words against my total. Did you really expect anything else?


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  1. Use your timer and only allow yourself a certain amount of time each week to be on FB. When that time is up you can’t get on until the next week. It’s advice I got from a published author…something I should do. 😉

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