No More Camp NaNo

At least not this month. I hope everyone made their goal. If not, at least you have more words written than you did at the beginning of April. That is something to be proud of.

If you did meet your goal, congratulations! You did a great job. Pat yourself on the back. Then, pat someone on the back who didn’t finish and tell them they did a great job as well. They did. We all accomplished something in April, no matter how large or small.

Camp NaNo is not about winning or losing, it is about doing. Put one word down. Then, put another word down. And another. And another. Pretty soon you will have several dozen, several hundred, several thousand words.

Celebrate them all. They are all your children. Love them. Cherish them. It will be time to destroy what you have written and make it better soon enough, but that is not what Camp NaNo is for. Camp NaNo is about getting it down. Send that editor on a vacation.

Did you drink enough coffee to fill a swimming pool in April? You might want to hold off the coffee for a few days. Get a good nights sleep for once, without thinking about what your characters are going to do tomorrow. Give them a night or two off as well.

When you come out of that haze, real life will be waiting. Do you remember what real life is? It’s that place where your characters aren’t real, where they are only words on paper, or a screen. Real life can be a hard place to live, but it’s good to visit there every once in a while.

Just don’t stay too long. Your imagination awaits you.


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  1. I like the last comment!

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