A Good Day to Write

Have you managed to keep up, or have you fallen behind? Luckily, I got ahead a bit the first two days, because yesterday stunk. I’m not sure why. I just didn’t write like I should have. I got about two-thirds of what I needed to do for the day, so it wasn’t a total loss. Hey, that’s that many more words than I had the day before!

If you haven’t started yet, it isn’t too late. Any day is a good day to start to write. Whatever you do is more than most people. Give yourself credit.

That’s my biggest problem. I tend not to give myself credit for what I have done. Instead, I focus on what I haven’t done. I’m trying to change, but it is hard to do. I know it will be worth it, however, so I trudge on.

Today, I will write. Tomorrow, I will write. The day after that I will write. And the day after that. And the day after that. Why? I’m a writer. That’s what I do. It doesn’t feel right when I don’t write. I was born to write.

I am getting more confident with each Camp NaNo and with each NaNoWriMo. The more I succeed, the more I realize I can do it. The question I ask myself now isn’t “can I do it?” but “will I do it?” I am determined I will. Who is with me?


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  1. Hmm.. I would like to know more about this CampNano; It sounds like a good place.

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