Positive Affirmations

When you talk to yourself, do you use positive affirmations or negative ones? I find that I use way too many negative affirmations and not enough positive affirmations.

Yesterday, I caught myself saying “you are a lousy writer. You will never get published. You won’t even finish writing it.” With that attitude, I wouldn’t.

What I should have said was “you are a good writer. You will get your novel published. You will finish those rewrites.”

I also find myself saying that the book of poetry I self-published didn’t count. I thought it only counted if someone else published it. Guess what? I was wrong. If you are published, you are published. It doesn’t matter who does the publishing. You have taken the risk of putting yourself out there to face the criticism of others. It’s how you take that criticism that will determine if you will continue on.

So, have you made any positive affirmations today? Why not? You are worth it. Say it with me.

“I am a good writer.”

I didn’t hear you. Say it louder this time.

“I am a good writer.”

That didn’t sound like you believed it. Once more, with conviction.

“I am a good writer.”

Okay now, scream it out. Don’t worry if you scare the neighbors.

“I am a good writer!”

Good. You have taken the baby steps. Tomorrow, I want you to do the exercise again. This time substitute the word “good” with “great”. Do it the next day and substitute the word “great” with “awesome”. If you don’t feel like screaming every day, that is okay. Just make sure you remind yourself how awesome you are.

And that’s true. You are awesome. Now get your awesome self to the computer, pen and paper, or whatever, and write.


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