Positive Vibrations

I didn’t do much writing at all the last two days, but I made up for it today. I haven’t done as much on my story as I wanted to, but I have been doing other things as well. I guess you could say I’m a rebel.

I don’t always feel like writing, but I try, even when all I write is this blog. At least I have written something. How do I learn not to beat myself up on days that I don’t write?

Being a good writer takes time. Being a great writer takes more time. Being an awesome writer  – well, you get the picture. The one thing all of these have in common is that to be a good writer, or a great writer, or an awesome writer, you first have to write. And when you’re done with that, write some more.

There is nothing wrong with taking a day off every now and then. Everyone needs a break. Even if you take a short vacation from writing, make sure you get back to it. Sometimes, we all just need a break.

If you have gotten out of the habit of writing, NaNo is a good time to get back on track. You have lots of people cheering for you, even if those people are complete strangers. Take the cheering in. Feel the positive vibrations. Then write. After all, that’s what we writers do.

As we have already started the second week, we may need to take time to feel those positive vibrations. We might be tempted to quit. Don’t do it. You are too close to stop now!


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