Pick a Word

I was trying to think of something that would help me get creative, so I decided to pick a page number, a line number and a number of the word in that line. What number? 42, of course. The answer is always 42.

I picked up an autographed copy of a novel written by a local writer.  It was a story of his personal voyage to get to America. He went through several countries, so I thought I would find something interesting there.

Okay, now. Page 42. Line 4. Word 2. Woods.

Really? Woods? My story is about a magical talking tree in the woods. I need something tougher to incorporate in my story than that. Let me try again.

Okay. A book on missing persons. This should be interesting. Let’s see what I get. In. Really? This isn’t going too well. Maybe the third time is a charm.

Aha! An Emotional Thesaurus. This should be good.

Lowering. That one is a little harder to put in my novel, but not much. How about if I put them all together?

Woods. In. Lowering. Yep. I think that will work.

I have a talking tree. Should I have it lowering it’s voice? Maybe have my character lower his when he realizes how silly he looks arguing with a tree. Maybe he crawls up in the tree and lowers himself down. Ah, the possibilities are endless.

What about you? Are you willing to try this exercise? If the word is too easy, you can pick another one. The idea is to pick one that takes you out of your element and forces you to think.

I will probably keep going in the books until I find a word that is harder to incorporate into my story. I might do what I have tonight and do another one tomorrow. I can always turn it around and do page 24, line 2, word 4. At some point in the month I should come up with something to stretch my imagination. Where will my story take me then? Where will yours?


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