A Muddled Mind

My mind is a muddled mess right now. There is no telling what is going to come out of it when I write. That is probably the best type of mind to have from time to time. Write down whatever comes out of that muddled mind and maybe you will find a gem among the mess. Your story might take a whole new twist.

The problem is, my mind gets that way far too often. The gem that comes out of something I am writing for one project often gives me an idea for another one that I haven’t even thought about before. Do I try to put in in my current project or put it aside for later? If I put it aside, will it turn into a lump of coal before I get back to it?

The story I am writing now is a story I have already written twice before, but didn’t like either version. I knew where I wanted the story to go. Then, I had a gem of an idea of where it should actually go. Then, I had another gem of an idea of where it should go.

I am currently working with the same ending in mind that I used in the last version. I like that ending. It was the rest of the story that didn’t work. Very little in this story is the same.

Yes, I still have my main character, but he has a new name. His dog is still a beagle and his name hasn’t changed. The main character is still a farmer, and the story takes place in the woods and at his home. The similarities end there.

Gone is the girlfriend. On the scene is the neighbor, old Mr. Clyde. He has already gotten into a physical fight with the tree, which he didn’t do in either of the earlier versions. He might even have a broken foot.

So, what do I do if I find another gem that takes the story in a totally different direction? Do I go with it, or do I stay with the gem I already have? I like my gem. If I polish that sucker up, I might find a diamond. Or, I might find nothing but zirconia. I should have a nice story, but I have no idea how nice it will turn out.

Writing is risky like that. You put your best out there and it isn’t what you wanted at all. Don’t throw it away. There still might be a gem there you can use in another story.

My thoughts are muddled, but there might be a solution. Perhaps I can interview my character to see what quirks he has that I can incorporate into my story. If I find out his background story, it should make it easier for me to write. It doesn’t have to go into the story. And I just might find my main character is more interesting than I thought.



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2 responses to “A Muddled Mind

  1. Reblogged this on violettempest and commented:
    I can relate to the muddled mind. Can you?

  2. I have written this way. On my first story attempt, way back at the tender age of 17, I refused to go over it myself. I knew that, if I did, I would be inclined to change it. Not to the extent you have described, but I felt it would change and not be the same story. Needless to say, it went nowhere and eventually got lost.
    My writing now, some 30 years later, and not many of them actually writing, I find it hard to finish as well. For way different reasons; I do go over what I’ve done and edit. Every time I go back to write some more. The problem seems to be that my word count is now high enough that I run out of available time to add by honing what is already there.
    Keep doing what works for you! You will know when the right story finally hits the page!


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