Being a Cheerleader

302 words. That’s how many I need to reach my goal. That’s only 21 words per day. This first paragraph has more than 21 words. I think that’s doable.

At the beginning of the month I asked myself “Why am I doing this again?” I asked myself that again today. The only thing I knew to answer is that I’m a writer. Writers write. NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNo make it less of a lonely encounter. They are much more than just writing months. They are a community. This is especially true during camp, with the cabins.

Some people have gotten into cabins that are going to meet their goals as a cabin. Mine isn’t. One young lady left for camp, but she has added to her word count since then. I believe she is going to make it. Another camper is right on target. I hope to finish tonight.

How do you encourage your cabin mates to continue? I am worried that several of them gave up before they even got started. These people might not even be checking the cabin messages. How can you encourage people who aren’t around to be encouraged?

I find the encouragement part is just as much fun for me as the writing. I love being a cheerleader. I wasn’t one in high school or college, but people need cheerleaders when they get out of school as well. People need life cheerleaders. I need them as well.

I envy people who have a talkative cabin. Ours isn’t. That isn’t bad. It is what it is. No two writers are the same. No two cabins are the same. There are individuals out there who have higher word goals than my entire cabin. That blows my mind. I couldn’t even imagine how long it would take me to write 250,000 words, and I have a strong imagination.

I hope this blog is encouraging others. It would make me happy if even one person was encouraged by it.

I know there are others who want to encourage as much as I do. Go ahead. Encourage. Be cheerleaders. It will make the world a little better.


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