You’re Awesome

Two more days and I can validate. Who else is getting excited about doing this? Is it too early for most? That’s alright. It’s okay if you don’t reach the validating. Just doing what you have is validation that you are a writer. You rock, folks!

Who out there is asking themselves why they did this? You’re a writer, that’s why. You’re a writer among a community of writers. You are a part of something greater than you. You are challenging yourself to achieve greatness. You’re awesome.

Are you still telling yourself you are an awesome writer, like I told you to earlier this month? If you aren’t, do it now. Repeat after me. I am an awesome writer!

And you are. You are awesome for accepting the challenge. You are awesome for attaching butt to chair and typing on that keyboard. Or sitting on that bed, writing with pen and paper. However you write, you are awesome.

My grammar checking program doesn’t like my sentences. I don’t care. I’m going to write them anyway. Why? Because I’m awesome. I’m awesome and so are you.

Are you thinking that you don’t like your writing? Write anyway. Are you thinking that no one else will want to read it? Write anyway. Are you worried that others will find out how lousy a writer you are? Write anyway. You’re better than you think.

Let’s tell the world that we’re awesome. Altogether now. One. Two Three.


Yes, say it in capital letters. Scream it out. Let the world know you are awesome. You might be surprised at how many already think you are.


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