I sat here anxiously waiting for the clock to turn to midnight, so I could validate. Even though I didn’t write 50,000 words, validating feels good. I think it is my favorite part of NaNo. It isn’t just my novel that is validated, it’s the validation of my identity as a writer. I feel like I have accomplished something.

And I have. And so have you. Whatever we write, we have accomplished something. We are winners, whether we click that validation button or not. I was still a winner the summer I didn’t meet my goal and you will still be a winner if you don’t.

I’m too excited to write much tonight, so I will just leave you with a cheer.

I’m a winner.

You’re a winner.

We’re all winners.

Our readers are all winners,too.

Why are our readers winners? They get to read our masterpieces, of course.

Say it one more time.

(Insert name here) is a winner! Yay!


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