Keep Writing

As people started validating yesterday, how did it make you feel? Were you excited because you got to validate? Were you bummed because you haven’t reached your goal yet? However you felt, it is okay. You have a right to feel.

Still, don’t be a Negative Nelly. You have done something amazing already this month. Give yourself credit for it. So what if you don’t think you can meet your goal? Keep writing.

People who can’t write will look at you with admiration. Sure, some of them will tell you what a lousy job you have done. There will always be those kind of people. Ignore it. Your writing is not for them. Your writing is for you and those who will appreciate it. If that isn’t them, so be it.

Now go out there and write. And have fun. If you aren’t having fun, fake it. You know you can.



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