Are You Freaking Out?

Three days to go. How are you doing? Have you freaked yet?

If you have, it’s okay. We all freak out every once in a while. It’s called being human. You don’t give that up to be a writer. We writers might freak out more than the average Joe or Jane. We have too good of an imagination.

Okay, so take a deep breath. Hold it. Slowly release it. Feel the breath as it enters your body, and exits again. Relax. Do it again.

Sometimes, it is necessary to take a few seconds, or even longer, to relax. Panicky writers don’t do as well as others. They also don’t keep writing. You want to keep writing, and you want to do it well. Well, don’t you?

Now that you are relaxed, go ahead and write. You will be surprised at how much that little bit of relaxation can help.


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