And So It Begins – Again

Ready. Set. Write! Come on, now, I said write. It’s easy. Just put one word down. Then another. And another.

Only it isn’t. The only ones who think it comes easy to writers are those that don’t write. Non-writers don’t realize how much writers agonize over every word. Except in November. In November, we are supposed to just put one word after another on paper without agonizing over it. The agonizing comes later. The story comes now. So, fire that inner editor and write!

If you’re like me, the inner editor refuses to be fired. He is screaming at me the entire month of November. By the end of the month, the editor is about to lose his mind. Also, by the end of the month, a story is down and ready for him to pick it apart.  And pick it apart he does, with gusto.

So, why do we do it? We’re writers, that’s why. The stories are screaming in our heads to get out. November is the month we allow the stories free reign.

I know it’s scary. Staring at a blank page, whether on the computer or on actual paper, is always scary. The biggest hurdle is getting started. Go ahead. Take that first step. Put that first word down. Let your imagination run wild. I’ll be there cheering you on at the finish line. I hope you’ll do the same for me.


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