Are You Behind Yet?

Day 2. Are you still keeping up? I’m not. I haven’t even started yet, due to illness. I’ll start tomorrow. I promise I will. Yeah, I know. That’s what they all say. Well, I haven’t lost a NaNo in November yet, and I don’t intend to start this year. There’s still plenty of time to catch up.

Next year, I intend to publish that first NaNo novel. It will never be perfect. I just have to let it go. Will I publish the one from this year? I don’t know. Probably. Just not next year. But I can’t publish it at all if I don’t get it written. That is why NaNo is so important. It forces me to quit procrastinating and get it written.

Yes, I am putting extra pressure on myself with this blog. That is a lot of words to write that won’t count towards my 50,000 goal. I also have a violin blog I do once a week. I have gotten into the habit of writing once a week on my violin blog, but not on anything else. This month will see if I have the stamina for the daily routine, once I get started.

If you’re in the same boat as me, don’t despair. Illness kept me from writing for the first week or so last year, and I still finished. I haven’t had a year when illness hasn’t gotten in the way at some point.

If you need a motivator, do as I did last year. Buy a “winner” shirt and, if you don’t win, you have to donate it to the local ML at the end of the month. I found out I wasn’t willing to give up that shirt.  I’ll be doing the same thing this year, just as soon as my next check comes in.

Just remember. I’m a winner. You’re a winner. We’re all winners. It doesn’t matter if we do 50,000 words or 500. That is that many more than we had at the beginning of the month. I took a chance. You are taking a chance. Many others are too scared to take the chance. That’s why we are all winners. We are talking that first step. The journey has just begun.


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  1. Sorry you were ill, but you have the right attitude to get it done. Good luck!

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