Zero Words in Two Days

Yikes! Two whole days without writing a word. I am in danger of getting kicked out of NaNo. Not really, but I need a good kick in the rear. Is anyone else guilty of this?

Why is it I always seem to get off to a slow start and still finish? I am a procrastinator. I’m surprised I have always finished November NaNo. The one exception was the time I decided not to do it at all. I will do it this time. I just have to get started.

It’s way too early to give up. I’m not a quitter. My novel might not be the best but, then, when is a first draft ever any good? This is simply a month to get my thoughts and plotline on paper. I can fix it after NaNo. By that time, my mental editor should have had a good vacation.

I guess it’s time to turn into Superwriter and hit that keyboard hard. 50,000 words await.


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