A Change in Plan

I’m afraid I’m suffering from depression this month, so my NaNo month will be December. I won’t be an “official” winner but, maybe, I can be an “unofficial” one. Anyway, the rest of this month I am going to spend finishing the short story I am writing, which is turning into a novella. I might do a little more planning on my novel for next month.

Am I cheating if I buy myself a NaNo shirt that isn’t a winner’s shirt and say I deserve it for writing a novel this year? I will write that novel. I promise.

I have an appointment with my depression doctor at the beginning of next month, so I should be good for most of the month. I doubt I will do any good at all this month. I refuse to beat myself up over it.

What do you think? Should I still write this blog, since I’m not doing NaNo this month? I’ve been feeling too guilty to write it up until now.


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