Story Woes

Tomorrow, I intend to tie the scenes together that I have already written before going on with my short story. It is proving too confusing to do it any other way. Does this happen to anyone else? I need to continue. This may be the only way.

I want to get into a writing habit before starting on my novel in December. It will be a lot easier. Also, I have already recruited a few people to do a December NaNo with me. So, I won’t be alone.

Because of that, I will probably be doing this blog in December, as well. You guys don’t mind if I keep writing it this month, do you? I need something to motivate me to finish my short story. I have only been working on it three years. No joke.

My cousin wants to read this short story, if I ever get it finished. By now, she probably has doubts I ever will. I could use some encouragement, if anyone wants to give me some.

Good luck on your writing this month. I’ll be here to cheer you on.


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