The Story Goes Where It May

NaNo. The very thought is mind-boggling. I mean, 50,000 words? In 30 days? Who am I kidding?
These were the thoughts that went through my mind the first time I did it. Now, I think, 50,000 words. I can so do that. Piece of cake.
Of course, it isn’t. 50,000 words is a lot. I thought about just aiming for a lower number the first time I did it. I’m glad I didn’t. The success was invigorating.
Now, I look forward to NaNo. Yes, I still wonder what I am getting myself into the first day but, then, I settle in and just write. It took a while to get to the point that the editor in my head didn’t pop in every sentence or two. She still shows up. My muse just runs her off.
My muse has a mind of her own. She makes my story run off in directions I didn’t intend for it to go. Last year, for instance, I had about five extra murders that were committed. My MC was devastated. Especially when I killed off a whole family.
I was dreading that scene. I knew it would be emotional. I didn’t even realize how emotional. I took off a couple of days before writing it. I was drained when it was over.
Are there any scenes in your story that are like that? Do you dread writing certain parts of it? I was told this scene would be cathartic. It wasn’t. It was just hard.
Don’t let the parts of the story that scare you stop you from writing. They may be the best parts of your novel. I know this scene changed the MC completely. It is interesting to think how she will change by the time I finish the next novel in the series.
Does every story have the potential for a series? No. But a police procedural does, and that is what I wrote. The one I am writing in December is going to be a series as well. I was planning on it being set in the contemporary world, but it works better as a sci-fi novel, so that is what I am going to write.
Let your story take you wherever it may. A good story is one that has room to grow. You might grow as well. Don’t fight it. You will be glad you didn’t.


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