Keeping What is Left of my Sanity

When I stopped to think just how daunting a task doing 50,000 words in about two weeks would be, I decided I would only aim at 25,000. I had already committed to doing 50,000 words in December, and another 50,000 this month would be a bit much. I’m not sure my sanity would survive.

It’s not as if I don’t already know I can do it. Two wins has proven that I can. I just don’t like the idea of not finishing what I started. I guess that is why I decided to do it in December. I had committed to writing a novel in a moth this year, and November wasn’t going to be that month. I wasn’t ready to give up that commitment.

Does that mean I’m a quitter? Nope. It means I am willing to accept my limitations. Writing 50,000 words in a month is doable for me. Writing it in less than two weeks is not. This is about losing my inhibitions, not my sanity. I would like to keep at least a small portion of that.

I saw one woman posting about how she is aiming for one million words this month. All by herself. She already has over 750,000. How is that even possible? My mind is officially blown. My sanity would be too, if I tried that. Heck, 100,000 is more than I can handle.

I am not saying my sanity is completely in tack. It isn’t. I doubt anyone who attempts NaNo is completely sane. Fully sane people would know it can’t be done. Those who aren’t completely sane do it anyway.

I’m sorry if I have shattered your ideas of being fully sane. If we were fully sane, why would we become writers? After all, we have characters who talk to us, and insist on us doing thing their way. Our minds go into strange and dark places. Or light places. It depends on what type of novel we are writing. I’m so weird I can’t settle on just one genre. The first one I did for NaNo was a mystery novel. This one will be a sci-fi novel. My short stories tend to be psychological in nature.

We writers have one thing sane people don’t. If someone makes us mad, we can take it out on them in our novels. Those might even be the best scenes we write.

So, pick up a pen, or grab a keyboard and start writing like what is left of your sanity depends on it. Then, take a break. Your characters will be glad you did.


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