You Can Do It

Two days in. How are you doing? Have you started yet? Don’t worry. It’s not too late.

Don’t let those overachievers who do the whole thing in the first week get to you. Just do what you can do. That’s all you need to do. You’re not competing with anyone, not even the month. Just because you are using this month to write doesn’t mean you have lost if you don’t finish your goal by the end of the month. The real losers are the ones who don’t even try.

Get to the end of the month and find you haven’t started yet? Again, don’t worry. You can still write. You still aren’t a loser. Get that thought out of your mind right now. I said, GET THAT THOUGHT OUT OF YOUR MIND!

Sorry for yelling, but you needed to hear that. Whatever you do is good enough. Don’t go into the month with an attitude that if you don’t reach your goal, you lose. You are already a winner.

So, don’t worry if you are already behind. You are ahead of those who haven’t even considered it. Maybe you just need a kick in the tush to get you going. Consider yourself kicked.

Believe in yourself. Find others who believe in you. There aren’t any friends or family who do? Well, go on the forums. They will be glad to believe in you. Get in a cabin. You believe in them and they believe in you. Push each other. Support each other. Provide a metaphorical shoulder to cry on. You will be glad you did.

Now, tell those characters in your head to shut up long enough to let you write. They can talk when you need them to. Your muse will be there for you. She might just be playing hide and seek. Keep writing and you will find her. She may be trying to tell you the story you are trying to tell isn’t the story you are meant to tell. Let her lead you.

You don’t have to write for others. It is perfectly alright to write for yourself. It doesn’t make you any less of a writer.

If you are like me, and doing edits this month, that’s okay, too. It is part of the writing process. Every good writer needs to edit. Folks who think you just have to put a few words down on paper, or the computer, don’t know what they are talking about. Real writing is work. It is also fun.

So have fun and get to work!


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