Caution: Plot Bunnies Inside

Have you heard about the books for soldiers campaign? It is where writers donate signed copies of their books to be sent to soldiers who want one. I am donating a few copies of my poetry book this time. Next year, I should have my mystery novel from NaNo 2011 out and ready to donate. So, what do you plan on doing with your books?

That isn’t to say anyone has to do that. Not everyone will even want to publish their stuff. Yet, those who do often wonder who is going to read it. Just how do you get it out to the public? How do you get it noticed?

Don’t worry as much about that right now. When the time comes, just do it. Every little bit helps you and can help those who you want to help.

Have you ever thought about reading your stuff aloud? Have you ever read it aloud to yourself? Why not? It is a great way to get the feel of your story. Listen to what your characters are saying as you read aloud. They will take you where you need to go.

Yeah, I know. That sounds corny. Writing is about putting words down on paper, or the computer. It isn’t about reading them out loud. But that is a good way to bring your story to life. It is a completely different feeling reading aloud as opposed to silently.

Often, when I need to understand something I am reading, I read it out loud. It is easier to remember that way. The neural pathways are different. At least, that is my guess. Yours is just as valid.

I have supplied you with several plot bunnies in this article. How many did you pick up on?

The service person who receives a free book – what is their story? Why did they want that book? Does it make a difference in their life? How?

Reading your stuff aloud – will people like it? What would their responses be like? Why do they feel that way? Does it remind them of their high school English teacher, who they thought was a monster? Does it remind them of their best friend, who just got married? Would it mean the same thing to them that it did to you? Ask them their stories.

Those are only a couple of plot bunnies you can pull from this post. Can you find anymore? Catch those little bunnies and put them in your story. Or in that little notebook you keep in your purse (or back pocket) that you keep all the ideas you intend to use someday. Just be careful. Those little critters multiply fast.

Don’t think you have to use all of the plot bunnies you have stored. They might not be what you want, but their offspring might fit the bill perfectly.

Now cuddle up with one of those plot bunnies and write. I dare you.


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