Time For the Second Half

So, here we are, going into the second half of the month. Fingers raw from all the typing, red with all the ink from editing, cramping with every word. Heads aching. Bleary-eyed from lack of sleep. Wondering how we are going to get through another two weeks of this. But look how far you’ve already gotten. Words on the paper or screen that weren’t there at the beginning of the month. Red ink, like blood on the paper, as you splice and dice that story mercilessly.  A gem of a book forming, or being polished. A dream being born.

We are writers! Say it with me. I am a writer! I can write! And I am! Have you remembered to give yourself permission to write crap? If you haven’t, do it now.

The first step is to dump those words that are in your head on to the screen or paper. It’s only later that you begin to make sense of them. Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it. You have made it this far and you will make it to the end. It doesn’t matter if you don’t reach your goal. You have still accomplished something. That’s more than most people ever do.

Some people say all writers drink coffee while writing. I drink tea. Does this make me any less of a writer? Nope. It just means I don’t drink coffee. Not all writers are the same. Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t a writer just because you don’t fit their preconceived misconception of what makes a writer.

I just used the term “preconceived misconception” in a sentence. That has been one of my goals for years, but this is the first time there has really been a place for it. I have accomplished a goal. I’m going to celebrate.

Whenever you reach one of your goals, you should celebrate as well. Don’t kill yourself writing. Don’t completely shut yourself off from the world. But don’t give up on your dream, either. You can do it. Believe in yourself. I do.


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  1. Thanks Mad Nanoer, I needed this. 🙂

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