We’re All Crazy

It’s getting late. Have you validated yet? No? Are you going to be able to by the end of the month? You’re not sure? Are you letting it get to you? Yes? Don’t. There are only a few days left in the month and then you can relax, for this camp at least.

If you have already validated, congratulations! You did it. You rock.

Well, we all rock just for attempting such a foolish thing. But we never claimed to be sane, did we? I know I didn’t. If you did, what are you doing in camp with the rest of us loonies? Either you are too insane to realize you are insane, or you don’t belong here. Only crazy people need apply for NaNo.

I didn’t offend you, did I? I didn’t think so. You know how writers are with words, at least the written words. We tell it like we see it, even if it does offend anyone. Sometimes, we do it in order to offend. That’s just how we are. The spoken word is another matter entirely. We may or may not be good with that.

What? You’re not good with words? But of course you are. No, not all the words you write will be great. They might not even make sense. But they are words. You have created something. I don’t care if it is a mess. You can clean it up later.

So, let’s get this straight. You were crazy to start this. You were crazy to think you could do it. You are totally insane by this time of the month. You are wondering why you ever did this to yourself? You are ready to get back to the real world , if you even remember what “the real world” is. To you, the people you write about ARE real. You won’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Did I miss anything? I’m sure I dd. There are simply too many possibilities to put them all in one post. There are even too many to get them all in one book. If anyone ever did manage to get them all written down somewhere, someone would come up with another one, and we would need to start all over.

So, now that I have told you how insane you are, it’s time to get back to all that insanity. Your readership awaits.


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