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Writing by Hand

Since I am revising this month, I have decided to do almost all of it by hand. I will have to retype everything, but that is okay. Just don’t ask me not to make any more changes while I am typing. I will keep changing every time I check the manuscript until I finally publish it. I know me too well.

Writing by hand is completely different than writing on the computer. My brain functions differently. The thought processes are not very much alike. The product I come up with after handwriting it would not be the same product I would come up with typing it on the computer.

I used to love to write by hand. A combination of feeling like it was expected of me to write on the computer, along with hand cramps, has kept me away from that part of writing. I miss it. Writing by hand is my favorite way to write.

I wonder how many people feel the same way I do. How many have never even tried to write a story by hand? How many would be afraid to try.

The exception to my not writing much by hand is poetry. I can never write poetry on the computer. It just won’t flow. It comes easily when I write by hand. The words seem to have a life of their own.

The hardest part of writing using pen and paper, for me, is the blank page. Unlike computer-based writing, you can’t wipe everything out on the paper so that you can’t tell it was ever there. By the time I finish a manuscript, it looks like a chicken has scratched all over it. It’s not clean. It’s not pretty. But it’s better writing.

I’m not saying everyone needs to write by hand. It isn’t for everyone. But it is how I learned my craft, and it is the way that feels natural to me. Those raised with computers may feel just the opposite. I’m not wrong. Neither are they. What is right for me is not necessarily right for someone else.

Don’t be afraid to try something different, especially if you have writer’s block. It might be what you need to get you over that creative hump.


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